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Season Foundation Announces First Scholarship Recipient


Season Foundation

Lead: Stephen-Michael



Monday, July 5th

Season Foundation Names First Scholarship Recipient

PG County, Maryland — In March of 2021, the Season Foundation announced its first scholarship to plant the seeds for the community organization. The Foundation is now excited to announce the first winner of the Season Foundation Scholarship. Sanna Russell, a recent graduate of Bard High School Early College Baltimore was named as the scholarship recipient.

Sanna Russell will be receiving a $1000 scholarship from the Season Foundation. She will be attending McDaniel College in Maryland with a declared major of Biology. The Season Foundation is grateful for this scholarship opportunity and is excited for what’s next for Sanna.

When asked about the scholarship, Season Foundation lead Stephen-Michael stated:

“I am so proud of what was accomplished. Being able to bring this dream to life means the world to me. I am so happy for Sanna and the start of her college journey.

And despite wanting to give out more scholarships as originally announced, this first round of scholarship applications were a good measuring point for us. Despite that, the Season Foundation will continue to work as our second year of scholarship applications are around the corner.”

The Season Foundation thanks all who shared, donated, and supported this first round of scholarships. We will be looking forward to the next round of applications!


About The Season Foundation: The Mission of the Season Foundation is to even the disparities within Digital and Computer literacy. SF will serve as a resource to increase those literacies for high school students, college students, and urban areas.

In addition to increasing digital and computer literacies, the Season Foundation will serve as a funding source through scholarships, giveaways, and other community based ventures.

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