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Season Foundation celebrates One Year of Existence


Season Foundation, LLC

Lead: Stephen-Michael



Saturday, March 5th, 2022

Season Foundation Founder Stephen-Michael Gives A Retrospective About the First Year of the Season Foundation.

New York, New York — Hello, this is Stephen-Michael, the founder of the Season Foundation.

One year ago in March of 2021, I launched the Season Foundation scholarship. With this launch, was also the introduction of the Season Foundation (now Season Foundation, LLC) as a new entity.

In concept, the Season Foundation was to be a community service version of my business SZN Media, LLC. With this, SZN Media providing services to bring seasons to life; and being a funding source for the foundation. And for the Foundation, I am teaching others the skills that have helped me grow with SZN Media as well as my career in Tech. Over the past year, the vision has become more clear for me and I am looking forward to what’s next.

Due to the ongoing pandemic over the past two years, many have needed a computer or digital skills. I see a need for both Computer and Digital Media literacy in our community and I will continue to help to fill that gap. It intrigues me and sparks interest for me personally. Our society has grown into the digital age and unfortunately, people might not have the same access to technology as others. This can be impactful in terms of income, education level, and so many societal factors. Let’s just say that I have much motivation as we continue to build.

In addition to Computer Literacy, the foundation also serves as a platform for scholarships. Last Year, we had an amazing opportunity to give a $1000 scholarship to a High School Senior in Baltimore City. Currently, we are raising money for four Scholarships in Washington, DC, PG County MD, Baltimore City, and Essex County NJ. One scholarship will be awarded to a college bound High School Senior in each region.

And finally, let’s talk about what I learned. Here are 5 Things That I Learned During The First Year of the Season Foundation

  1. There’s always someone watching, continue to push

  2. Great things take time, let them grow, and enjoy the process.

  3. It’s okay to pivot and adjust as you grow

  4. When giving back, always understand the bigger picture

  5. An idea is a seed that can bloom into something unimaginable

Overall, the Season Foundation has great potential and we are on an amazing journey! Thank You to everyone who has donated and promoted our progress!


About The Season Foundation: The Mission of the Season Foundation is to even the disparities within Digital and Computer literacy. SF will serve as a resource to students and urban areas. In addition to increasing digital and computer literacies, the Season Foundation will serve as a funding source through scholarships, giveaways, and other community-based ventures.

Donate To The Season Foundation

Cash App: $sznfoundation | Venmo: @sznfoundation | PayPal: @sznfoundation

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