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Season Foundation End of Year Update


Season Foundation

Lead: Stephen-Michael


Season Foundation: End of 2021 Update

Foundation Founder, Stephen-Michael reflects on 2021

New York, New York — Hello, this is Stephen-Michael, the founder of the Season Foundation. This year, I launched my dream of creating a platform pertaining to digital and tech literacy.

To be quite transparent, this year was a “building” year of sorts. Between finding the true purpose of the foundation, collaboration, research, and even figuring out the balance between this and SZN Media; it was quite the year.

But as mentioned in my #GivingTuesday post, I am quite proud of what took place this year for the foundation.

  • Awarded a $1000 Scholarship in July of This Year

  • Announced four $1500 scholarships to be awarded to HS Seniors in four regions during the Summer of 2022

  • Collaborated with Dimensions of Light for a Back to School Supply Drive

  • Contracted a Black-Owned and Women-Led Virtual Assistant Business to help with the monthly needs of the Season Foundation

  • Contacted over 150 Schools for the 2022 Season Foundation Scholarship

The points mentioned above are all amazing and gives me confidence as we lead into 2022.

In terms of 2022, here are some broad goals that we are aiming to achieve:

  • Raise $6,000 by June of 2022 for the Season Foundation Scholarship

  • Workshops and Hands-On Instruction

  • Continued Tech and Digital Literacy content on Instagram and TikTok

  • Collaborations with community leaders and organizations.

  • Gain 501c3 Status

  • 2023 Season Foundation Scholarship Application Process

Of course as I’ve learned this year, it is okay to pivot and adjust as we grow. I have high expectations for next year and I am ready to grow through the process. Through this, I want to genuinely make an impact on the work we are doing.

As we close out this year, I want to thank my community of friends and family, everyone who donated to the Foundation, my virtual assistant Shaylon Arnold, my SZN Media LLC clients, and everyone else who has supported the foundation since our launch this March.

I look forward to amazing things for the Season Foundation. Thank You and Have a Happy Holiday!

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