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Season Foundation, LLC is official


Season Foundation, LLC

Lead: Stephen-Michael



Tuesday, January 11th

Season Foundation is now Season Foundation, LLC

The Season Foundation is now a Limited Liability Company

PG County, Maryland — In March of 2021, the Season Foundation was founded by Stephen-Michael with the launch of the Season Foundation. After a productive 2021, the Season Foundation has now gained LLC status, confirmed in early January.

When asked about this accomplishment, SF Founder Stephen-Michael stated:

“I am very pleased with the Season Foundation gaining LLC status. This brings a level of legitimacy and legality to the Foundation that will boost us as we continue to build. From a business standpoint, there’s a good amount of things to do within the first few years of this venture, this being one of them. Of course, it will take work; but it’s a small step closer to maybe the possibility of gaining Non-Profit status in the near future. As we look towards 2022, I am excited to continue the momentum that has been developed by this good news to start the year

As the Season Foundation rolls into 2022, its primary focus for Q1 will be the 2022 Season Foundation Scholarship; and increased content on Social Media pertaining to Computer and Digital Literacy.

About The Season Foundation: The Mission of the Season Foundation is to even the disparities within Digital and Computer literacy. SF will serve as a resource to increase those literacies for high school students, college students, and urban areas.

In addition to increasing digital and computer literacies, the Season Foundation will serve as a funding source through scholarships, giveaways, and other community-based ventures.

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