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Season Foundation October Update


Season Foundation

Lead: Stephen-Michael



Saturday, October 23rd

End of October Update

Updates from our founder, Stephen-Michael

Essex County, New Jersey — Hello Readers, this is Stephen-Michael; the founder of the Season Foundation. It’s been a little over six months since I launched this platform. To be transparent, it’s been quite the journey. Last year, I developed the idea of a scholarship. This idea turned out to be the first seed of what is now the Season Foundation.

In my mind at this current moment, I want the SF to run parallel to Season Media Creative Solutions. Whatever I offer and learn as a creative business owner; finding a way to make informational content and sessions to teach those skills over time. Also with that, giving out scholarships and collaborating with community organizations.

At this current moment, our Instagram account is a hub for creative content. Digital and Computer literacy is a giant cause and I want to chip in.

In terms of the Season Foundation Scholarship, our 2022 Application is now live. The Season Foundation team has emailed schools to get the word out about this opportunity. We will continue to reach out to community leaders and schools throughout the process.

And of course, Donations will play a major role in what we do. We have high expectations and will welcome any donation, large or small. Click our Donate tab to find out how to donation.

Overall, I love what is blooming with the Season Foundation. This year I was able to give a $1000 scholarship, collaborate with a back to school drive, and set the groundwork for many goals that we have for the foreseeable future.

I have learned that community service and outreach cannot be rushed and it must be genuine. I am very passionate about this platform, and I hope others can feel the same.


About The Season Foundation: The Mission of the Season Foundation is to even the disparities within Digital and Computer literacy. SF will serve as a resource to increase those literacies for high school students, college students, and urban areas.

In addition to increasing digital and computer literacies, the Season Foundation will serve as a funding source through scholarships, giveaways, and other community based ventures.

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