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Season Foundation to Host First Official Event


Season Foundation, LLC

Lead: Stephen-Michael


Season Foundation to Host First Official Event

The Season Foundation will be hosting a free college prep workshop

Newark, New Jersey — Within the past year and a half, the Season Foundation has impacted students through the Season Foundation scholarship program.

During our recent 2022 scholarship cycle, Essex County NJ had the most applications with a high interest from students and parents. This connects well as the Season Foundation preps for its first in-person event; which will be in Newark, New Jersey.

On Saturday, September 17th, the Season Foundation will host a college prep workshop at Dimensions of Light WOTCC. This will be an informational session free of charge for students and residents within Essex County, NJ.

Statement from Stephen-Michael, the Founder of the SF:

“I am very excited for this opportunity to serve our community. With me being 2 years removed from my undergraduate experience, I’ve had time to reflect on the logistics and loopholes I’ve learned during the college process.

As the Season Foundation grows, I am heavily interested in serving minority areas. Our first event being in Newark, New Jersey is an amazing statement on the potential we have to impact this area; as well as the youth. I am very ready to provide this platform that can propel so many people towards their futures ”

Session Information

(Click Here to Sign Up)


Saturday, September 17th



Dimensions of Light WOTCC

14 Livingston Street, Newark, New Jersey

Point of Contact

Stephen-Michael, lead of the SZN Foundation

Session Topics

  • "College 101": Breaking down what college is, the types of institutions, also discussing how to prep a good application.

  • "Financial Realities": Financial Aid, Scholarships, and the Hidden Costs within Undergraduate experience.

  • "It Takes A Village": Discussing how families and communities matter in the college experience. How to support a college student

  • "Realness of Undergrad": A Live panel filled with college grads to discuss their undergrad experience.


About The Season Foundation: The Mission of the Season Foundation is to even the disparities within Digital and Computer literacy. SF will serve as a resource to students and urban areas. In addition to increasing digital and computer literacies, the Season Foundation will serve as a funding source through scholarships, giveaways, and other community-based ventures.

Donate To The Season Foundation

Cash App: $sznfoundation | Venmo: @sznfoundation | PayPal: @sznfoundation

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